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  • Mason Sherrill

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Seven

Proverbs 31:16

[16] She considers a field and buys it;

with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.

Prayer Point

Ask the Lord to help you not merely be busy with tasks but rather that he would make you fruitful. Pray that the Holy Spirit would grant you wisdom as you consider all your ventures. Ask Him to guide your purchases, paychecks, business endeavors etc. that they may all spring forth from the overflow of fruit you produce at home. Pray that you would have eyes of faith to see the fruit of your hands which He is producing through you and that you would have the courage to then plant a vineyard with whatever fruit that is.


Consider your life, your skills, your interests and your resources. What kind of fruit are you already producing at home that you could turn a profit on? Think long-term and think about something you can plod away at consistently overtime. You don't need another thing added to the plate that will cause disappointment and burn out. Simply survey how the Lord has already gifted you and a way in which you can "plant a vineyard" with that fruit. Think of hosting people more often, make an extra meal once a month for a widow or a new mom in your church, teach a friend how to do something you know how to do, write an article etc. It might even be something that brings in extra revenue for your family like selling a good, tutoring or providing a service.

Whatever it be, start with something you currently do in your home, trust that the Lord will provide the vineyard and simply start inviting people into the fruit He is already bringing forth from you!

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