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  • Katy Harris

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Eighteen

Proverbs 31:27

[27] She looks well to the ways of her household

and does not eat the bread of idleness.


We see quite a contrast here between what the virtuous woman is doing and what she is not doing. In a podcast episode dedicated to this verse, Nancy Wilson says, "Notice she's watching over [her household] as opposed to eating a bread called idleness. One requires diligence and the other self indulgence. One is working hard, the other is wasting time. One has duties that require watchfulness and care. The other neglects duty and chooses rather to satisfy that fleshly desire called laziness." Today, pray that the Lord would keep you from idleness. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you deny self indulgence and fleshly desires. Pray also that He would give you wisdom to know the difference between rest and idleness.


Take a few minutes today to examine how you've been spending your time. We often think of laziness and wasting time by doing things like watching TV or scrolling on our phones. But sometimes idleness rears its head by doing something you want to do over doing something you know you need to do. Satisfying the flesh in idleness can look like baking cookies over doing the laundry, reading a book instead of making a meal plan, or texting with a friend to distract you from reading your bible. All of these things in and of themselves are not bad, in fact they can be fruitful. But if you are using them as a way to get out of doing your duties, they become bitter and rotten. Ask yourself if there are things you do that look fruitful but you've actually been doing them as an excuse to keep you from doing what's best for your household.

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