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  • Mason Sherrill

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Nine

Proverbs 31:18

[18] She perceives that her merchandise is profitable. Her lamp does not go out at night.

Prayer Point

Pray that the Holy Spirit would allow you to understand the value of your daily tasks done in obedience. Pray against the temptation to wallow, feel pity or a bad attitude about how profitable your job is a godly woman. Whether or not you get a paycheck for the work you do in faith for your home, your husband or your children ask that God would grant you eyes to see that work as profitable merchandise. Furthermore, pray that the pride you take in your work would fuel you; that it would strengthen your hands that your lamp would not go out even at night.


Make a list of tasks that you don't necessarily enjoy doing but have to do today, anything from cleaning, correcting your toddler, cooking, school pick-up or responding to emails. I don't know what parts of your day feel unprofitable, but you do! Once you figure out what that task is, honor it by giving it to the Lord in a quick simple prayer before you do it: "Lord, help me see _______ with eyes of faith and make it profitable for your Kingdom." (say this prayer out loud in front of your kids if you're able) And then do something to help strengthen your hands to do the task like singing a hymn or listening to an encouraging podcast while you do it! You'll be amazed how many more tasks you might finish with this kind of attitude. So much so, your lamp might not even go out tonight.

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