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  • Katy Harris

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Fourteen

Proverbs 31:23

[23] Her husband is known in the gates

when he sits among the elders of the land.


One reason why the virtuous woman's husband is well respected is because she is fulfilling her role well. When a man can trust his wife and does not have to worry about her conduct, if his household is orderly, or the state of his children, he will have the confidence and freedom to engage in his calling of work and ministry.

Today, pray that you would be a crown to your husband (Proverbs 12:4). Ask that the Lord would strengthen you to do your work without growing weary or tired. Pray to have eyes that see your great performance as a wife helps your husband to do mighty things. Do not be tempted to be jealous of your husband because his work may be seen more by the public eye. Be grateful that this job God has given you as a helper makes a great man even greater. If you are unmarried, begin praying that the Lord would help you prepare to be this kind of woman now.


There are many, many tasks of a wife and mother. Laundry, dishes, schooling, cooking, cleaning, errands...the list goes on. Ask your husband what task he appreciates you completing the most every day. Especially with little ones around, there are many days where not everything gets done by sun down. However, there may be a certain task that your husband wishes to be done every day that can take priority over others. Maybe he really wants to have dinner ready on the table when he gets home, or maybe he prefers that all laundry is put away by the end of the day. Whatever his answer, commit yourself to accomplishing it every day.

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