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  • Mason Sherrill

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Five

Proverbs 31:14

[14] She is like the ships of the merchant;

she brings her food from afar.

Prayer Point

The ships of a merchant are ships specifically used for transporting goods to or from a place that doesn't naturally have those goods. Our proverb compares this kind of ship to the work of a virtuous woman who labors to bring nourishment to her table even if it's not the kind that she produces of her own means. You probably do this kind of seeking and providing multiple times through out your week, aka Amazon ordering, grocery shopping & more.

Today pray with gratitude & thanksgiving that you have the means to seek outside of your home for food from afar and materials which are shipped to you door. Furthermore, pray that you would have wisdom as you discern the best ways to turn your husband's profit into real nourishment for your home. Finally, pray that Christ be glorified and your family blessed by the nourishment you bring to them.


Find one thing you can nourish your home with today that will bless your people. Maybe your kids have been wanting to take piano lessons but you don't know how to play piano, find a way to get someone who does. Maybe it's a special grocery run to a unique store for the spices in a dish your husband loves. Whatever it be, bless your people and praise the Lord for his provision!

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