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  • Mason Sherrill

Fruit of Her Hands: Day Fifteen

Proverbs 31:24

[24] She makes linen garments and sells them;

she delivers sashes to the merchant.

Prayer Point

A few verses earlier in verse 22 we see that the virtuous woman clothes herself in fine clothing. Now we see that work spilling over to make profit for her home. Ask the Lord today to bless the fruit of your hands in such a way that your work begins to overflow. Ask him also that you would take delight in the work of your hands.


Comparison often stunts the kind of fruitfulness we read about in this passage of Scripture. Be reminded today that although godly women have virtuous and faithful qualities in common, every woman's fruit will look different. It's easy to be distracted by a certain method or style of homemaking, cooking, parenting etc. If your fruit doesn't look like Sally's picture perfect fruit, that's not just okay it's excellent! The Kingdom has enough room for you to produce good fruit and for Sally to as well. Not only that, you're both called to different people, which will require different work. Don't start trimming your fruit tree branches back because you think your tree is ugly compared to someone else's.

A core theme that Proverbs 31 repeats over and over is this: Be fruitful and let your fruit overflow. So survey your home, your people and your fruit today. Fight against your tree being diseased with comparison through contentment and thankfulness. Praise the Lord for the fruit he is producing in you and let that work overflow, spill out, and abound bringing both spiritual and physical profit to those around you.

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