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  • Mason Sherrill

April + May 2021 - Book Reviews

Psalms for Trials: Meditations on Praying the Psalms

by Lindsey Tollefson

four stars- An excellent walk through the Psalms and how to apply them to all of life's circumstances, especially the difficult ones. Tollefson lays out numerous examples of how to pray through the Psalms, clinging to Scripture in times of joy, frustration, sorrow or any other emotion. It is both uplifting and practical. I recommend to both new and seasoned believers.

Why Children Matter

by Douglas Wilson

four stars - This book is a wonderful explanation of how important biblical childrearing is. It gives great practical advice on discipline and family dynamics but also provides and encouraging and loving perspective on parenting. I really enjoyed the question and answer section at the end! So helpful!

Radiant: Fifty Remarkable Women in Church History

by Richard M. Hannula

five stars - Phenomenal! I was left in absolute awe of God's grace and faithfulness through these women's stories. I was also deeply convicted to be courageous for Christ in all seasons, no matter the cost. Absolutely will be re-reading this to my children someday. What a legacy.

Leave a comment and recommend a book for me to read or share your thoughts on one of these books. I'd love to hear from you!

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