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Library Finds - January

Updated: Feb 12

Here are four of the books I checked out in a most recent haul from the library. Some great and some not so great.

Lego City - Build This City!


If you have a toddler boy, this is a fun one! It's got some great technical terms for machines and processes in construction. There's not a great underlying story, it is definitely more informational and plain fun for little boys to point out all the machines. Recommend!

Clifford - The Big Red Dog


I grew up watching Clifford and my son loves dogs, so we enjoyed reading this for a week. It's just a sweet book and Clifford is just a great dog. One downside to this specific book is there's not a lot of content. The story is short, but other books in the Clifford series are not the same. Overall, recommend!



Just no. Don't check it out, don't waste your time, and for sure don't buy this! Basically it is a story about a dog, who doesn't act like a dog. His owner catches him sneaking out to hang out with cats late at night. The book ends with the dog happy because his owner starts treating him like a cat...if you can't smell the transgender agenda by now, I'll let you know now, it reeks!

The Grouchy Ladybug


I just simply enjoyed this one. It started out a tad odd, but the ending gave me a giggle. My son loved seeing all the different animals in it & the story has a repetitive nature, so there's a bit of anticipation for the toddler age on each page which helps them follow the story. The downside is, its repetitive nature can make it long for the reader. Nonetheless, it's cute and I recommend.

*P.s. I read the Spanish translations of these books. Assuming the English versions aren't too far-off from their translated versions, I stand by my recommendations.

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