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Worldview Resources

Updated: Feb 12

There are many resources out there for Christians to access and I wanted to share some of my trusted favorites. I can't say I agree 100% with everything in every single one of these resources, but these are the places I go whenever I have questions about passages I'm reading in Scripture or how to apply my faith to a particular area of life.

Having Two Legs by Toby Sumpter

An excellent blog for insight on child-reading, family, and marriage.

The Theopolis Website and Blog

I use this resource most for theological questions and other Biblical topics.

What Have You the podcast by Bekah Merkle and Rachel Jancovic

This is a resource I go to for encouragement, laughter, and wisdom on the practical nature of motherhood, femininity, and homemaking.

CrossPolitic the podcast from the Fight, Laugh, Feast Network

Political commentary from a Christian Worldview

My favorite all encompassing resource is Canon+ App for TV, computer and phone

All the other resources I have linked are for free. This one has a free limited-access subscription and also a paid subscription ($7.99/mo). Couldn't recommend enough! It's like "Right-Now Media", but better. It has everything from audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, learning series, sermons, to cartoons and shorts for kids.

There are many more resources out there, these were just in my top thoughts of recommendations. Please feel free to comment your favorite resources below or ask for specific resource needs that may not be met by the ones above!

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