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Refresh & Reorder

Updated: Jan 30

Well hello again! It has been awhile since I've written and published something on disciplher. In all honesty, I accidentally renewed my lovely yet expensive subscription to this Wix page via auto-draft in December. I decided that I better put this thing to use, but I have an extremely active toddler, a sizable reading wishlist, lots of fun home projects I'd like to try, and a baby on the way. With all that in mind, I thought it was time to refresh and reorder my outlook on ways the Lord would have me spend my resources.

I started this blog as a young newly married wife with a significant amount of time and passion for studying theology. A few things, both occupationally and theologically, have shifted for me since then. I no longer have the time to research and write theologically "robust" articles. That, compounded with a much richer understanding of how real theology actually works itself out, has landed me with a new wind-in-my-sails vision for this spot on the web.

As you can read on the "about" page, discipleship is a command not a suggestion from Christ himself. That truth in tandem with His absolute Lordship means that we cannot merely pursue our discipleship in "perceived" areas of private spirituality. As Abraham Kuyper said it,

"There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!"

In other words, our commitment to the Great Commission as women must work itself all the way down into our routines and chores. The way we clean our homes, discipline our children, the entertainment we partake in, and the food we prepare all matters very deeply. It doesn't matter because goldfish and clorox or sourdough and vinegar cleaner are good or bad, as if morality merely lies in the substances of our lives. Rather, the substances of our lives are under Christ's Lordship and a critical part of our discipleship is figuring out how that Lordship impacts the dominion we take of those things.

Much of motherhood for me has consisted of text threads, shared reels, and audio messages full of encouragement, prayers, and lots of tips and tricks for life as a believing woman. It got me thinking; One, where would I be without the recipes, book recommendations, and stain removal tricks from other moms? And two, there is a bountiful amount of information just sitting in my text messages and DMs, enough to fill a small library, so why don't we...make a small "library"?

This seems a much more attainable, realistic and yet rich task for this little corner of the internet. I hope to share practical things I use in my home and motherhood, as well as offer reviews of books I'm reading, and discuss worldviews that pertain to the "littler" parts of our lives all with the intent to remain faithful to the Gospel of the Kingdom. Hopefully this will include a few blogs from friends too, and will most definitely mean shorter, more practical reads. I'll consider the primary theme of this blog to be theology that flows from the finger tips not just the mouth.

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