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Biblical Meditation

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Despite its current cultural associations, true Biblical meditation is not a spiritual discipline Christians "borrowed" from Hinduism, Buddhism or any other mystic practice. The word meditation can actually be found in the Scriptures as early as Genesis chapter 24 depending on translation. Meditation is mentioned or referred to over 20 times throughout the Old and New Testament. The book of Psalms contains the most concentrated examples of meditation. King David writes in the 119th chapter of Psalms that he has "hidden" God's word in his heart (v. 11) and meditates on it day (v. 97) and night (v. 148).

Unlike pagan practices of meditation, Biblical meditation is not a subconscious effort to empty oneself or a deep concentration to find the inner-self. Biblical meditation is an active and purposeful engagement with the truths revealed in Scripture. The Bible also often speaks of meditation followed by a call to obedience (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 119:78-80; Philippians 4:8-9). 2 Timothy states that "all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work". That is the purpose of Biblical meditation: to purposefully submit our hearts and minds to the work of the Holy Spirit through God's living Word which serves as an anchor for our soul (Hebrews 4:12; 6:19).

There are several ways to meditate on God's Word, but I pray you find the best way in which you truly enjoy meditating on who He is. Here are some practical resources that may help:

There is something about music that deepens our understanding and enjoyment of God's truth. Here's a Spotify playlist of worship songs with lyrics that are straight from Scripture.

Two apps I recommend for meditation are the Dwell app, which reads passages of Scripture to you and the Verses app, which helps you memorize verses or chapters of the Bible. Verses has been a huge help to me!

Here are a two articles from men, far wiser than I, that give great insight into the practice of Biblical meditation.

Meditating Day and Night - Ligonier Ministries

Another tool I've been enjoying recently is the ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal. It is a single printed book of the Bible that puts the passage of scripture next to a full page to journal on. It is a wonderful meditation and study tool alike.

Lastly, if you are asking the question "How? How do I get started?" this is an outline from Tim Keller's church on what a 'quiet time' is and how to incorporate both prayer and meditation. It is a great resource to lead you and guide you into a rhythm.

Quiet Time Basics - Redeemer Westside Prayer Ministry

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Emily Grace Pritchett Febus
Emily Grace Pritchett Febus

Thank you for all the cool resources <3 I downloaded verses & saved the playlist!

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